The Zoo Added Three American Alligators to Collection

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Added Three American Alligators to Collection

The Zoo has recently added three female American alligators to its animal collection. The animals came from The St. Augustine Alligator Farm. The females joined the Zoo’s male alligator in his exhibit adjacent to the Reptile House.

The American alligator is native to the southeastern United States ranging from eastern North Carolina to southern Florida, west to eastern Texas, and north to southern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Its habitats include freshwater lakes, swamps, bayous and marshes, and it may on occasion enter brackish or saltwater habitats. The alligator can tolerate colder conditions than can any of the crocodiles and, therefore, has a more northern range. Alligators are carnivorous and will eat almost anything they can catch. The young feed on small animals and insects and, in turn, are preyed upon by carnivorous birds, fish and mammals. Older alligators feed on larger animals, particularly on large rodents, and they perform a valuable service by controlling rodent populations.

The acquisition of the three females expands our animal collection and will enhance our visitor experience.

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