Pokemon Go at the Central Florida Zoo

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens has been overrun by mysterious creatures… Pokémon! We have a few tips for our guests:

1. Running low on Pokeballs? There are over a dozen Pokestops throughout the Zoo.  

2. Need somewhere to train and battle your Pokemon? There is one gym towards the front of the Zoo and one near the herpetarium. Let us know when your team takes over a gym! Will it be Mystic, Valor, or Instict?    

3. Need to incubate your eggs? Enjoy walking around the Zoo on our elevated boardwalks. It's hot out there and becoming a Pokemaster is hard work, so stay hydrated! 

4. Don't forget to take a second to appreciate all our REAL animals too! Our Zoo is home to a large variety of animals, many of which are endangered or threatened. 

5. Please be advised that Pokemon wander where they want, but guests need to remain in designated areas. Please do not cross over any barriers or fences. Your safety and that of our animals is our top priority. 

6. From now until August 10, 2016, Pokemon Go users can receive $1 off admission after 1 pm! Show the app downloaded on your mobile device to the ticket window to receive your discount. One discount per device, please. 

7. Have fun! Don't forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in all your pictures of your adventures!