Insect Zoo

Explore the World of Insects!

The Insect Zoo is located inside the Wayne M. Densch Discovery Center.  The exhibit includes live invertebrates as well as mounted specimens and a hands-on children’s exploration and play area.  A faux forest wall constructed by Artistic Stone allows the invertebrates to be displayed in the simulated strata they would live in the wild.  Several Florida natives are exhibited as well as tarantulas, centipede, scorpions, etc. 

The insect zoo is open to the public and is also available for rental as it leads into the Discovery Center’s Safari Room Banquet & Meeting space. 

Emperor scorpion        Madagascar hissing cockroach   
Emperor Scorpion                          Madagascar Hissing Cockroach     

Praying mantis sculpture     Insect exhibits in the Insect Zoo
Praying Mantis Sculpture
              Insect Exhibit