Orangutan ZOOtcase

Are you a Fan of Orangutan Zootcase?

Check out this box of fun interactive teaching tools that celebrate the orangutan and its Asian home, perfect for preschool through first grade. An original flannel board story, books, games, songs and even a child-size orangutan costume that demonstrates the length of the orangutan's arms are part of the fun. Everything is packaged in its own easily transported suitcase The Orangutan Zootcase was developed by the CFZP as part of a program now available at zoos across the country to raise funds for critically endangered orangutans.

Each time this box is rented, 25% of the fee is donated to the Balikpapan Orangutan Society (BOS). With collected fees from several zoos we are helping BOS save and protect habitat, rehabilitate orphaned and injured orangutans and try to insure a future for this remarkable species. Visit BOS at www.orangutan.org.

Time: Up to two-week rental
Ages: Preschool through first grade
Cost: $25
Reservations: Call 407.323.4450 ext. 125 or
email fieldtrips@centralfloridazoo.org