Palawan Peacock Pheasant


Palawan peacock pheasant
Polyplectron emphanum


Quick Facts

Palawan peacock pheasant

Found:  Island of Palawan, by Philippines
Size: 20 inches
Weight:  21 ounces
Diet:  insects, worms, fruits, seeds
Status:  Endangered


The Palawan peacock pheasant is a ground dwelling bird. The male is very colorful like the peacocks we are all familiar with but is considerably smaller. He also likes to strut and display for the female just like the larger ones.  His tail is adorned with blue-green eye spots encircled by rings of black and gray. The female is mostly brown with white on her face and throat. They are related to turkeys, grouse, quail, guineafowl and curassows. Our male and female produced two chicks in July 2013 pictured above.

  Palawan peacock pheasant   Palawan peacock pheasant    Palawan peacock pheasant