Stick Insects

Where Are They Found?

In dense forests, rainforests, and jungles around the world.  They are experts when it comes to camouflaging into their habitat.


How Many Species Are There? 

More than 3,000 different species exist in the world.  Scientist believe there are a lot more not yet discovered.

What Do They Eat?

They are herbivores feeding on leaves and plants.  They usually only eat at night.

What Eats Them?

Birds, small reptiles, and rodents all feed on them, if they are lucky enough to find one.  

How Do They Protect Themselves?

Some will shed a limb.  Others swipe at predators with their spine-covered legs, while one emits a putrid-smelling fluid.

How Big Can They Grow?

The smallest is 1/2 inch from North America.  The largest is over 13 inches and is found in Borneo.  Females are normally larger than males. 

Are They Endangered?

Because there are so many different species and they are so good at hiding, it is almost impossible to study their numbers in the wild. One potential threat is the popular practice of framing                                                              their carcasses, like butterflies.